Eva Boobs got fondled by her man in “300: Rise of an Empire”






Celebrity: Eva Green

Movie: 300: Rise of an Empire

Scene Info:

Eva Green making out with a guy before they have hard sex all around a room, Eva’s breasts coming into view when the guy tears her dress off from behind. She then throws the guy down and rides him, having him reach up to squeeze her breasts. After sex, Eva draws a sword and threatens him with it while still topless.



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Kristen Stewart go topless, and sex scene in “On The Road”






Celebrity: Kristen Stewart

Movie: On The Road

Sex/nude Scene Info:

Scene 1:

Kristen Stewart on top of a guy as she makes out with him in bed, her bra hanging off her right shoulder to reveal most of her right nipple. We then see Kristen having sex with the guy, lying on her back and moaning loudly as her breasts come into view while underneath him.

Scene 2:

Kristen Stewart sitting topless between two guys in the front seat of a car as they drive down a highway and we see both her breasts. She then reaches her arms down and gives the guys handjobs, one with each hand.

Scene 3:

Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame making out with a guy on a bed and climbing on top of him and removing her shirt to reveal a white bra and then removing the bra to reveal her breasts as she has sex with him while riding him giving us some looks at both her breasts, but mostly of her right breast from the side.



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Camilla Luddington Fully naked showing her tits/boobs in Californication






Celebrity: Camilla Luddington

TV show: californication

Scene Info:

Scene 1 : Camilla Luddington leaning over backward and then stepping out of a swimming pool nude, running her hands through her hair in slow motion with her breasts in view. We also see her bare butt from behind as she stops and talks to a guy standing by the pool

Scene 2: Camillla Luddington standing in a bathroom with a towel around her waist as a guy walks in on her unexpectedly. She then holds the towel in front of her, revealing her bare butt in reflection in a mirror behind her. Camilla then walks out of the bathroom with the towel fully wrapped around her until she begins kissing the guy. At this point, she drops the towel and we get a nice view of her bare butt and breasts.

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Angelina Jolie “A List Celebrity” Get fully naked in “Gia”










Celebrity: Angelina Jolie

Movie: Gia

Scene Info:

An excellent, well-lit nude scene of Angelina Jolie as she stands completely naked in a hallway talking to Elizabeth Mitchell, who is getting into an elevator. From the unrated version of Gia. Also see our fullscreen DVD treatment of this scene in which you can see a bit more nipple from Angelina near the end due to the difference in framing.


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