Camilla Luddington Fully naked showing her tits/boobs in Californication






Celebrity: Camilla Luddington

TV show: californication

Scene Info:

Scene 1 : Camilla Luddington leaning over backward and then stepping out of a swimming pool nude, running her hands through her hair in slow motion with her breasts in view. We also see her bare butt from behind as she stops and talks to a guy standing by the pool

Scene 2: Camillla Luddington standing in a bathroom with a towel around her waist as a guy walks in on her unexpectedly. She then holds the towel in front of her, revealing her bare butt in reflection in a mirror behind her. Camilla then walks out of the bathroom with the towel fully wrapped around her until she begins kissing the guy. At this point, she drops the towel and we get a nice view of her bare butt and breasts.

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